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Our ‘About Us’ page would like to thank you from the bottom of its heart for visiting - it doesn't get a lot of attention usually. We’re glad you decided to visit a page that most people rarely stumble upon. Now that you’re here, you might as well stay and get to know us !!

Parth Chavan 
Lead Cinematographer & Editor

He is the mind from where the first ideas came out. He sees the world as one screen and likes to work on almost every process of the film making. Still picture or motion picture whatever it is, for him everything is a story and he likes to work on every detail of that story.

Arjun Ghimire
Lead Editor & Cinematographer

The one who is equally responsible for the formation and development of the company. He is a complete package of the technical knowledge required for a motion picture. And he knows well how to convert each frame into emotion.

Chaitanya Joglekar
Core Member
Lead Photographer

He is the backbone of the company and the major reason for the development. He can tell you stories even through still photographs. Want to get clicked, beautiful candids and the classic portraits? Well, he is the one you are searching for!

Kashmira Kapadia Photographer
The one who has the finest knowledge of fashion and better than that knows to capture it in more fashionable way. 

Omkar Shinde Photographer
He plays with the lights and he do it well. And for Still Life he is the finest. He is the one who can make still objects and products live.

There are more permanent and non-permanent team members with whom we work together and each team member is equally important to us.
Something we all have in common is respect the work and that's also our passion. We like to take up every challenge given to us by every client. 

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